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Who Wins The Vodafone Ghana Music Artist Of The Year

The Vodafone Ghana music awards is the foremost award ceremony for creative arts that make music in Ghana. The awards and their organization has been shrouded in a lot of controversies in the past and every music-loving person hopes that this year's award will be clean and very satisfactory to all parties involved. Whilst it's impossible to please everyone involved in the awards especially the music acts, it is possible to raise the Vodafone Ghana music awards above criticism in terms of awards that will be given out

Until you eat another person's soup somewhere, you will always think your mother is the best chef. Similarly, every musician who has been nominated for an award will think and believe he or she is the best and rightly so. Because no one achieves anything worthwhile without confidence and believe in oneself and his or her abilities

However no matter the believe of every nominee, there are general standards and numbers which can be used to separate the nominees from each other in terms of the best. Truthfully awards do not make any musician better than the other but it does separate musicians whose music resonates with their consumers better from the musicians whose music does not resonate with the consumer or listener. Hence serves as a guideline for future productions.

So in the end every nominee is a winner because if you are not given any plaque, you are thought a valuable lesson going into the future and there is nothing better in this life than life's lessons that can define one's future

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