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Check Out Photos Of A Man Who Has Lived With His Crocodile Pet For 34 Years

The majority of people opt for a simple cat or a lovable dog as their pet.However, one Japanese man has chosen a different path, adopting a 6ft 8in, 46kg crocodile

Nobumitsu Murabayashi, 65, is often seen strolling through Kure City in Hiroshima, Japan, with an unexpected companion.

The gentle giant lives with Mr. Murabayashi and his wife in their house, where he is allowed to wander freely.He bought the alligator-like animal as a baby from an exotic animal festival 34 years ago.The city government granted him permission to keep the odd fish, which he affectionately refers to as Crocodile at home.

'I never imagined he'd get this tall,' he said. He's been in my possession for 34 years. I try to connect with him by doing things like brushing his teeth and so on. Mr. Murabayashi admits that his patient wife isn't a huge fan of Crocodile

Every day, my wife becomes more irritated with me,' he said. As a result, I spend my days with Crocodile.His strange relationship with the dog, which included petting, brushing its teeth, and walking him on a leash, resulted in a slew of local TV appearances, establishing him as a minor celebrity.The spectacled crocodile spends the majority of his time at home in the tatami room (a typical Japanese room with rice straw flooring) and the toilet.At the front of the building, The crocodile has his own big tub of water. However, Mr Murabayashi admits that keeping track of his pet's eating habits can be difficult. Due to harm from his hefty lodger, he has to replace his standard sliding paper doors every year.

The crocodile has a life expectancy of 50 to 70 years, according to experts, and Mr Murabayashi wants to live 'another 30 years' so he can continue to care for his beloved pet.

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