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People Thought I'm Mad Training Cockroaches, Man Claims of Making Money by Selling Them to Chinese

A man named Joseph has narrated to BBC Pidgin how he started training cockroaches and selling them to Chinese people who eat them as food and pay him handsomely. He said he took cockroach rearing as a business because he was making a lot of money from it when he sold them to Chinese people.

He said people thought he was mad and claimed he had lost his sanity. According to the man, he keeps them at a comfortable temperature while training them in suitcase-shaped containers. Since he began rearing the cockroaches, he has sold many of them. 

His neighbors, on the other hand, thought his profession was ridiculous, not realising that he actually made a fine living by rearing and selling cockroaches to Chinese people who eat them. He said he became rich from selling cockroaches to the Chinese people.

He continued by saying that cockroaches are high in protein and beneficial to the body. Given that they contain a high protein content and pose no threat to human health, You can eat them, and they'll do you good because they're also edible and nutritious.

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