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Over the past 146 years in Galamsey- See what we are gaining as nation

Mining can be describe as the extraction of valuable minerals from the Earth, usually from an ore body, like land, Sea, stone,etc. There are many types of mining but the major and recognized one which every know in Ghana here is the Gold mining.

Since our forefathers, the ancient Kingdom of Ghana, the region’s first gold mining companies were formed shortly after the British established in the Gold Coast Colony in 1874 and no government was able to stop it. This followers the two successive gold rushes in the early 1900s, in Obuasi, Tarkwa and Prestea. However, the industry soon entered a period of depressed production, which began at the time of country independence in 1957, and ended shortly after implementation of the country’s Economic Recovery (ERP) Plan in 1983.

From the implementation of Ghanaian gold mining industry grown rapidly, supplanting cocoa cultivation as the country’s chief economic activity. In the past years, production increases in the order of more than 800% have been achieved. In my perspective, today the output from resident gold mines can accounts for more 40% of national exports and 87% of mineral exports.

Since galamsey started in Ghana, apart from the mining operations project like Aglogold Ashanti, Kibi goldfields etc, we haven't heard any important project that the country Ghana has gain from it or can boost of, even the town and the area where these activities is ongoing is not developed, this shows thats, those company, the people and leaders involved in it, only do for the interest of themselves but not the interest of the development of the country.

The major cause of galamsey activities in Ghana is due to unemployment among the youth in Ghana according to study. Young university graduates and SHS student rarely find work, and when they do it hardly sustains them that's why they involves themselves in. The result is that these youth go the extra mile to earn a living for themselves and their family.

Over 149 years of Galamsey as it is called in galamsey in Ghana. In my opinion, apart from the mining project, the only we are gaining now or achievements in galamsey is the serious degradation of vegetation, cocoa lands, palm land and polluted water bodies etc in decade of mining and this issue of land and water pollution in Ghana is of great concern due to the alarming higher rate at which our beloved arable lands for farming especially cocoa land which has been the backbone of our economy and other drinking water is destroying.

Since no government was able to fight against its to stop this activities completely over the 147 years. We also have to involves ourselves, especially the youth who engage themselves in this activities should put a stop to it, because the governments will do their part, but if we didn't think about the feature and because of money, we still do it to destroy the land, as researchers says we will likely to import water and food from outside due to the destruction of the land and water bodies.

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Galamsey- Ghana Kingdom Obuasi Tarkwa


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