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The strange animal called "Bush baby" (see pictures)

The strange animal called "Bush baby" — see pictures

When I was growing up, as I used to hear about Bush baby. We were told that it is such a weird and strange creature. What got the most what that it was said to always cry like a baby. This always happens far deep into the night. The night, they say, is dark, and full of terrors.

First some context. Let me introduce you to the animal I spent a month searching for.

Bushbabies are the smallest of all Africa’s primates. They are monkeys, except they behave completely differently to most other monkeys.

Some say they are named because they cry all night, hence being babies of the bush. In the Afrikaans language they are known as nagapies, meaning “little night monkeys.”

Their more common and scientific name is galagos, as they are members of the Galagidae family.

The name Bush baby comes from the animal's cries and dwarf appearance. They are almost exclusively seen at night, they have firm grip, can jump a long distance (they can jump up to 6.6 feet (2 m) in the air and it is believed this is due to elastic energy stored in the tendons of their lower legs) and can walk on their front two legs like a human or use all four like other animals.

Bush's sweetheart feeds on people, particularly on sweets. Every night, it goes out to devote to reckless people and celebrate. Every evening. You want to know that the Bush baby still disappears at night. It's too hard to catch.

Look always for the cry of a child when you're alone in a large bush. The popular Bush kid may be this. The voice is tender, gentle and easier for her bears to attract.

But one day, I want to watch him at a zoo, and I haven't seen a baby bush.

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