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Unusual never seen before creature captured by fishermen in the sea

God is very great and wonferful, he is extraordinary and unbelievable when it comes to creation. The kind of things he has created is what you won't think exist. He is has created visibly impossible things which makes some people not to believe exist but which does.

Of all the things he had created too, each carries a significance. There are some things he had created which you won't know their significance or importance but they are really important and such animals are the mosquitoes.

They are insects that are very important ecologically or important to the ecosystem as they play a role serving as pollinators and as a food source for other wildlife. It's often said that mosquitoes serve no purpose other than to annoy humans which is not true.

However, there are some unusual creatures which I guess you have never seen before. Below is the unusual never been seen creature captured by fishermen:

This unusual never seen before creature was captured by some fishermen. The fishermen went sailing on the sea in search of fishes but what they caught was more than what they wanted and expected. They realised they've caught something great after they pulled the rope but couldn't with ease as it always was.

They tried pulling and to their surprise, they caught a never seen before creature who's size was just what no man would expect. They had to pierce it with a spear because it proved stubborn.

After they transported it to where I call their base where they could examine it properly. The unusual creature was badly wounded but could only breathe little by little.

What is your say on this?

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