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Scuba Diver Swimming Past a 22ft Anaconda - See What happened.

The tremendous 26-foot (eight-metre) anacondas of Mato Grosso, Brazil, can be seen scanning for prey in the murky depths in these incredible images.

Franco Banfi, 53, a brave diver and snake enthusiast, joined the beasts in their natural environment armed only with a camera to capture them.

It's coiled and ready to strike just inches beneath the surface, and you'd never know it's there.

Getting ready to strike: In Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, brave diver and snake enthusiast Franco Banfi managed to capture this image of a massive anaconda snake lurking underneath the river.

Banfi gets up close and personal with a massive anaconda that is lying on the bank of the river, glistening in the scorching tropical heat.

Fortunately for the photographer, it had just devoured a capybara rodent and had no desire to consume him as a second course.

Banfi, a Swiss father of two, said: 'The snake had just eaten, so it wasn't too interested in us.' Everything could have happened, but I don't believe it would have eaten us. I was so close that I could have reached out and touched it.'

During his ten-day journey to the Mato Grosso do Sul area in central South America, he saw six different female anaconda snakes.

Thousands of visitors visit the area each year because of its diverse stunning features.

The name translates to "Southern Thick Forest," and it's easy to see why.

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