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Some Effect Of Water pollution In Our Cities In Ghana.

Water Pollution :- As you know water is essential for us. The water is help us to drinking, washing and many other uses. But water became pollute then what we can do for safe to us.they are many types surrounding to us

Agricultural Wastes:- include fertilizers and pesticides that are used in farms to control insects and pests.when used in excess, these substances may get washed into nearby water bodies and affect aquatic animals and plants.

Industrial Wastes:-- include chemical waste that are realised from factories.These chemical are very harmful and may even kill aquatic animals and plants.

Domestic Wastes:-- include waste from house hold in the form of sewage.If domestic waste are realised into water bodies untreated or important treated, they can affect aquatic organisms and also contamination the ground water.

Oil Spills :-- oil spill are accidentally leakage of oil from oil tanker in a sea or an ocean . This oil may pollute the water and cause serious damage to marine animals and plants.

Thermal Water Pollution:-- it is a degradation of the quality of water by the addition of hot water, which increases the water temperature and makes it unfit to support our life.

Disease from Water Pollution:-- A few common disease from Water Pollution are cholera, diarrhoea, gastroenteritis, dysentery, typhoid, and jaundice.

Diarrhoea :-- it is a disease where there is a loss of water and minerals from the body through frequently loose or liquid stools. It may lead to dehydration. Diarrhoea may be acute or chronic diarrhoea, the person suffers for a short duration and gets better from disease. In chronic diarrhoea, the person suffers for a long time and become very weak.

Gastroenteritis :--it is a waterborne disease in which the stomach and the small intestine get inflammation may be the toxins produces by certain viruses, bacteria, and other parasites. The disease caused acute diarrhoea in which a person suffers from vomiting and loose motion, and there is little or no urination.

Jaundice:-- it is a popular waterborne disease that affects the liver and can prove fstel if not treated in time.

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