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It still remains a mystery as a big crocodile strolls on Techiman Street

It still remains a mystery as a crocodile trolls on Techiman Street in day light which caused mix reactions everywhere. According to a report from joy news, nobody noes the whereabouts of this reptile but just saw it on the street and have to catch it and protect it.

In Techiman, they are believed to be offsprings of the river goddess Tano. The Twi name of diamonds (Denkyem bowo), stones of the crocodile was derived from that.

They abound in the Tano River but there hasn’t been any report of them killing anyone even though they swim in the river.

The Tano River has its source from Techiman and there, funerals are organized for crocodiles and they are buried when they die much like wales are in the central region.

People see this as a mysterious event of a crocodile walking in crowd in the daylight. Some said it might be that the people broke a taboo so rituals must be done with immediate effect before it brings misfortunes to the land

This tells a little history of the ancesstors of Tanoso and serves as a reminder of the culture which should be maintained. Thank you for reading. Please subscribe for interesting updates.

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