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Businessman Appeals To Gov't To Enforce Measures To Help Protect Animals From Violence.

The Managing Director of Basfam Company Ltd in Kumasi, Alhaji Musah Abubakari has stressed the need for the government to as a matter of national interest to come out with policies that could help protect especially domestic animals against violence in the society.

In his opinion domestic animals are though mere creatures of God, the animals play significant roles to protect the society despite the fact that we kill them for food.

Speaking to the reporter in an interview, Alhaji Abubakari expressed worry about the rising trend in which animal abuses have been overtaking the society, whilst the authorities pay less attention to it.

The society forget to know the importance of animals existence or the causes that prompted God to create such creatures to live with human beings, he noted.

 All what we know is to kill and consume, which in the mind of God is never true, Alhaji Musah asserted.

Alhaji Abubakari who is also the Chairman of Moslems Executive Foundation (MEF) in Kumasi said it is worrying these days to see trucks that are loaded with cattle, sheep or goats in the open sunshine without shelters from the neighborhood countries to Ghana for sale. 

He said the same animals violence goes on within our communities where fowls are commonly seen trapped in waste threads and waste materials, vet people care less to free such birds until they see their deaths.

According to him the same violence are meted out on other domestic animals notably the dogs, cats among others at homes.

But the funny part in the drama is that when a dog or cat scar or drive away from homes, criminals or dangerous reptiles, the society becomes happy, the animals rights activist hinted.

Adding that the domestic animals are besides serving as a security for human beings, God also bless those who take good care of them.

That is why the advanced countries have passed laws to punish citizens who may be caught in the act of harassing animals with the reasons that the country wanted to take good care of the animals to attract good luck and blessings from God to help build a stronger economy.

It was against this background that hence Alhaji Abubakari is passionately appealing to the government to come out with measures that could protect animals for the benefit of the society.

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