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Reactions to zookeeper suffering bitterly for inserting his finger into the mouth of a lion

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In a trending video, a zookeeper wept bitterly after he inserted his fingers in the mouth of a lion. Even though this may not have happened in Ghana, many are taking some lessons from this.

Reading the comments on social media, one could conspicuously see how netizens fear for the zoo keeper's life despite his expertise. Whilst Nana Akosua said those taking the pictures were fools, Christiana Ametepe also said that the lion is not a pet kitty. Another social media commentator, Kairos Tyme, also said that the zookeeper lost his finger for nothing.

If one frog falls into a pit, the rest must take caution and so we can hope that the right systems are already incorporated in Ghanaian zoos to prevent any wild animal from chopping someone's fingers. Sista Bernice also asked that people ought to fear friends because whilst the zookeeper was weeping due to the fact that he was in danger, his friends were taking pictures.

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