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The snake nearly killed Mr.Safety because of Dumsor at that time.


It was serious last night at 

my neighbour Mr. Safety's residence .  

Around 8 p.m., he saw a snake in the living room, so he called everyone to come and help kill it.

You yourself know how African solidarity works. We each arrived with a big stick in hand, a total of seven (7) fellows. 

 Once in the living room, we saw the big snake looking at us, we closed the doors and surrounded it.

 We said to the snake: "you are dead" . It curled up in response. 

 As everyone advanced towards it for the kill , then *Fuuiii*, DUMSOR STRUCK! ...

 Very serious matter!

 It was "save who can" in the living room. We no longer knew where the snake was and where the exits were. When someone touches you a little, you hit with the stick, thinking it was the snake. Serious matter, we banged and banged heavily in the dark. 

Screams, injuries, pains, followed ...

 I got out of there miraculously but with a broken arm, two broken teeth, torn t-shirt and a swollen head; some neighbours surely almost left their skin in there.  

 I believe this snake works at the ECG.

Content created and supplied by: JM-SAFETY (via Opera News )

African Dumsor


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