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The Lost Land Of Punt; The Egyptians Gods

Punt is mentioned numerous times in ancient Egyptian texts. The Egyptians were enthralled with an ancient African monarchy brimming with wealth, ivory, and exotic creatures. And it has to be incredibly effective. It was a region that the Egyptians revered, a territory they nicknamed "God's Land." 

Punt existed without a shadow of a doubt. It is mentioned numerous times in ancient sources. In an ancient Egyptian temple, there's even a portrait of Punt's queen. But, despite how powerful and significant this location must have been, we've never been able to locate it.

The items that the Egyptians retained are the only traces we have of Punt. Scientists studying the mummified bones of two baboons that the Egyptians obtained from Punt discovered that the baboons, at the very least, came from the area of modern-day Eritrea or Eastern Ethiopia. 

This gives us a starting point in our quest for Punt, but it's a big area to cover in an archaeological search. And if the remnants of the Kingdom of Punt are ever discovered, it will open up a whole new set of questions to unravel in order to learn more about our past.

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