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Massive reactions greet Achimota Forest Saga: Osu Traditional Council Rep. makes sense to me

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This article seeks to provide readers with how Ghanaians responded to the updates as provided by the Osu Traditional Council representative. We believe that the voice of the people on matters such as this is not to be taken for granted.

Readers can recall how some acres of the Achimota Forest reserve has been in the news for some days due to an executive instrument that sought to declassify these lands. Readers can also reminisce how the Owoo family was named as a beneficiary of the said declassification.

On Thursday, 26th May 2022, Nii Odoi Kwai II provided his facts on Live TV, and many Ghanaians could not stop providing their thoughts on the discussion.

One Jalilu Mohammed was so blunt in his disclosure as he warmly stated that what the leader has said makes sense to him because the representative speaks with facts. Bretuoba Amponsah Marfo who seemed not to be interested in prolonged discussions on such matters advised that the said lands should be maintained as government property mainly because the Owoo family has not been seen by him and he does not understand why everyone claims to be the heir to the family. Michael Biko also expressed worry about how the Owoo family has already been paid 4000 pounds by the colonial administration and advised the government against the declassification of our forest reserves. One Joash Bonnytay also humbly called for peace and unity among Ga's to enable them to resolve their issues amicably since they are all one people. the climax was when one Isaac Clottey called for an independent inquiry committee that should be tasked with finding the facts.

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