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The Laziest Animals Ever Lived.

11. Laziest Animal: Cuckoo Bird

Cuckoo birds do a lot of flapping around, but they’re lazy parents! Instead of incubating their own eggs, cuckoos lay them in other birds’ nests! It’s known as “brood parasitism,” and practitioners can disguise their shells to resemble the eggs of their “sitter”.

10. Laziest Animal: Lemur

Lemurs are lethargic loafers who sleep 16 hours a day. Typically, they spend their waking hours alone and eating. But when it’s time to hit the hay, lemurs convene and form sleep pods.

9. Laziest Animal: Pig

Pigs enjoy a good mud frolic. They also value sleep and do it for about 12 to 14 hours a day.

8. Laziest Animal: Nurse Shark

Most sharks are perpetual motion machines because their breathing apparatus requires movement. But not the nurse shark, affectionately known as “the couch potato of the sea.” The species can pump water over its gills without moving, allowing individuals to chill on the ocean floor for over half the day or every day. 

7. Laziest Animal: Giant Panda

Giant pandas perfected the art of segmented sleep. The iconic black-and-white bears sleep about 12 hours a day in three-hour stints. 

6. Laziest Animal: Echidna

Echidnas are prickly, ground-dwelling mammals that sleep 12 hours a day.

5. Laziest Animal: Owl Monkey

The only nocturnal “true monkey,” owl monkeys, with their 17-hour slumbers, easily made on the list of laziest animals. There are also known as “night monkeys,” they eat and socialize after dark. 

4. Laziest Animal: Python

Pythons have fierce reputations, but a closer look at their lifestyle reveals a lazy reptile. The feared slitherers sleep up to 18 hours a day.

3. Laziest Animal: Hippopotamus

Considering their gargantuan size, it’s no wonder that hippos fall on the lazy side of the activity scale. The giant mammals sleep 16 to 20 hours a day and nap in large groups. 

2. Laziest Animal: Sloth

Sloths are the poster children for laziness. The notoriously slow-moving tree-hangers sleep about 20 hours a day. When awake, their speed is set to molasses. 

1. Laziest Animal: Koala 

Koalas are the cutest animal and they also fall among the laziest. The adorable fur balls only wake for two to six hours a day.

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