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Ghana has two major Lakes. See what name are given to them and where they can be found.

When a large portion of land is filled with water and surrounded by high rise dry land, with or without necessarily having any other river or water body serving as an inlet or outlet, a lake is said to have been formed.

Lakes lie on land and are not part of the ocean, although like the much larger oceans, they form part of earth's water cycle.

Lakes serves as source of water and food for communities that live around it.

In Ghana, there a two major lakes that can be boasted of.

The first is Lake Bosomtwi - the only naturally occurring lake in Ghana, located in the Ashanti Region - some 30 kilometers aways from Kumasi.

It is believed to have been formed by an impact crater some years ago.

(A serene picture of Lake Bosomtwi) - source :visitghana

The lake is popular for its tourists attractions and beautiful scenes and landscape.

The second is Lake Volta. By far, the largest artificial lake in the world based on surface area. It is the backbone of the famous Akosombo dam as it supplies it with the necessary water to turn the turbines for electricity.

Lake Volta's primary water source is the Whie Volta and Black Volta Rivers. It has the Volta River as its water flow.

The Akosombo dam on the Lake serves as a tourist attraction as well.

(Volta Lake - image source :breathlist)

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