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Stop your fowls from dying with this simple method

Poultry farmers, as I promised sometime ago to come to your aid, I am here now. I do appreciate your patience and encouragement. I am here therefore, to deliver on my promise to you.

Are you a poultry farmer, or you rear fowls at home just for consumption? Does your fowls suffer from coccidiosis and you don't know what medicine to prepare for it to either prevent or cure it? Worry no more.

While some people use paracetamol, others put marijuana into their drinking water whereas some use amoxicillin capsules. All of these work to a certain level. But there is one I am about to teach you that will totally eradicate coccidiosis in your farm.

Things needed

1. Black mouse

2. Neen leaves

Yes, only these two will perform the magic that you will see. Before you continue, look at the right corner of your screen, tap on follow to follow me for more updates. Now, let's continue.


After killing your black mouse, remove the intestines from it's stomach. Get some neem leaves into the stomach and tie it neatly with a rope so that the leaves do not drop. Dry it in the sun. You can put it on top of zinc to speed up the drying process. Grind everything into powder. You have your medicine for coccidiosis in fowls.


Drop the powder into the drinking water of the fowls and watch them grow. When there is coccidiosis around and people's fowls are dying, yours is safe. Practice this and give me the feedback. I have tried it and that is why I am teaching you.

I will like to advice those of you who eat fowls that died out of diseases to stop since it may harm you sometime to come.

Please like, share, comment and also follow me for more of this.

I will teach you very soon, how to prepare fertilizer containing potassium and phosphorus for your plants.

Your health is my priority.

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