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Fishermen Couldn't Breath As Something Strange Appeared From The Sea At Ta'di Nkontompo Beach

According to the fishermen who spoke to TV3's Western Region branch called Connect FM, they couldn't breath because of the pungent and bad smell which was coming from the sea.

Upon search, they discovered something Big and strange lying at the Takoradi Nkontompo Beach. Out of fear, they couldn't go closer. That was because they didn't know what exactly it was.

After furher consultation and deliberations, they gathered courage to go closer. The fishermen realized that it was one of the biggest whales washed ashore.

They also figured out that, they were unable to breath properly because the mammal was decaying. Hence polluting the whole air.

" We were finding it very difficult to breathe. The intestines of the whale had gushed out. In 2013, we had similar experience. However the fisheries minister and environmental protection agency came around to help us." Agyaaku Kuma told Connect FM.

They furher begged Honorable Hawa Koomson to quickly come to their aid.

Check out a shot of TV3's report

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