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What a Strange Tree. See What It Does

Trees are very important to all organisms and the environment at large. There are different species of trees on earth. Some trees are beautiful and others have strange appearance. In all, they offer a lot of benefits to us.

Among the numerous trees in the world is the Huacrapona. The Huacrapona (Iriartea deltoidea) is a slow growing palm tree that goes up to about 30 meters. Its trunks are grey, smooth and sometimes are loaded with epiphytes. It has high branches with leaves which form a canopy. This canopy helps to shield lower trees, prevent excessive water loss and provide shade and habitat for other organisms. It is often described as the male organ due to its shape.

Benefits To Humans

1.  The inside layer of the leaf sheath is used to give women strength in labor.

2. Its wood is used to make temporary canoes.

3. It is an important source of flooring for rural households. The thick, heavy trunk is split open and the inside layer is removed, leaving the hard outer trunk. 

4. The leaves are used for basketry and the spongy core serve as food.

5. The roots is also mixed with wine and honey and used as aphrodisiac.

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Huacrapona Iriartea


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