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Dumsor on the rise again

Light out popularly known as 'Dumsor' is particularly prominent in this part of the world. But then cases of Dumsor was observed to have decreased in the first tenure of this new government and was praised by all to be a sign of good leadership and fulfillment of great promises by the government.

Dumsor has yet again reached its peak, as especially in the Ashanti Region, Kumasi the light goes off about every 5 hours; or during the end semester exams of KNUST, it was almost every hour and also very long durations. This truly to me is mind boggling and disturbing. It makes me wonder if we are progressing or retrogressing as a country.

I should state that dumsor is one of the greatest reasons why most industries and enterprises in this country fail to develop and survive. This is from that barber shop in town to the biggest industries in the country. I mean they could opt for alternate sources of power but we can all agree that it is also a very expensive option that SMEs cannot afford.

Truth be told, i would like to advise the authorities to take a keen look at this canker and solve as early as possible as this frustration in addition to lack of employment and the likes can only lead to the exasperation of the youth. Why cant we make use of alternate power supply channels as a country apart from the hydroelectric power we are too well acquainted with to help solve the discrepancies and errors to create an overall constant supply of energy which is an integral factor to our development as a country.

If electricity has not reached Ghanaians all over the country, and with the ones still connected are not getting the best of its benefits it makes me wonder the path we are treading on as a country.

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