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Fishermen Worried As Their Nets Catch Huge Plastic Waste Instead Of Fishes - See Photos

Yesterday, Saturday, 24th April, 2021, the people, specifically the fisherfolk of Sakumonor in the Greater Accra region of Ghana were caught up with mixed feelings. 

When the fishermen felt a heavy pressure in their net, they expected that it was a bountiful harvest of fish that they had caught and hence with all their strength drew the nets out of the sea. 

The nets rather, to the surprise of the fishermen and few passerbys, returned with just a little amount of fish but a gigantic quantum of plastic wastes. 

Plastic wastes, mainly plastic bottles in huge quantities were caught by the net of these fishermen. 

There was not much they could but to pick out the few fishes which could not make a head tray even full.

This particular saying goes to affirm the old age adage of “if you throw a ball ⚽️ to the wall, it bounces back to you.”

All the plastic wastes we have been dumping into the water bodies are being brought back to us by nature. 

What do you also make of this whole happening yesterday at Sakumonor?

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