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Strange things are happening: Two monkeys serve as waiters in this restaurant.

Monkeys are attractive animals that draw a large number of visitors due to their mobility and friendliness. Most people believe that bananas and other fruits are good for monkeys, so they give them plenty of them.

But how about being served by a well-dressed monkey when you go to a restaurant? Okay, that sounds fantastic, right? The Kayabukiya Teavern is a Japanese restaurant and bar located in Tokyo.

In this restaurant, the monkeys serve customers. One monkey takes orders, and another delivers drinks to customers. The monkeys have been well-treated, so the customers aren't at risk of contracting an illness from them; I understand you're curious about how they're compensated, and that's a fair question.

Customers give the monkeys boiled soya as a tip for their operation, which is quite amusing. Because of Japanese animal regulations, the monkeys are only permitted to operate for two hours a day.

This sounds strange, and it's certainly a sign of the end times, since it's revolting to think that animals are being used to manage and govern the affairs of an organization where men should be in charge.

Drop your opinions concerning this practice.

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Japanese Kayabukiya Teavern


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