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We killed people and cooked them on fire like pigs later ate them, village leader explains

The world is full of mysteries. In an interview, a tribal chief explained his people's traditions and how totally different their cultures are from the Western world. It came as a surprise to me that cannibalism was so widespread across nature. 

He started by explaining their culture and how they kill human beings, roast their hair on fire to remove the hair, just the same way goats are roasted on fire. That's the same way they roast human beings, slaughter and eat them the same way meat is eaten.

He further explained that if a man doesn't like his wife anymore or wishes to remarry, he would send his friends to take turns on his wife. By doing that, he would force her out of the marriage.

He said that the best method for cooking human meat was to eat it while it was still on the fire. The meat tasted better this way than when it was cold; we used to do this, but I'm glad we don't do it anymore, stated Ma'am.

It’s not just that he kills people. He also eats them, thus contravening one of our deepest and most ancient taboos: that consuming human flesh is the ultimate betrayal of our humanity. 


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