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Top 5 Most Beautiful Animals On Earth, Check out.

Nature Is Beautiful, God is indeed the master of art. His creation is outstanding and wonderful.

Here is the list of the most beautiful animal to ever surfaced the planet.

5. Dolphin.

A bottle nose dolphins also known scientifically as Tursiops Trucatus is fifth most beautiful animal on the planet.

Dolphin's Beauty is sparked with its bright physical appearance, humans are huge fans of this animals and have enjoyed their presence since early days till now, when you see them swimming in a group and surfing waves it's always an exciting view. They often portray Freedom, Joy and Spontaneity, they are the coolest animals in present day as they are always seen smiling.

4. White Peacock.

It took me some time and careful observation to choose a picture that suits this particular animal in this article.

A peacock is a male peafowl, it's one of the animals having one of the most stark examples of sexual dimorphism we have come across.

They are not only one the most prettiest animals but their approach to mating habits is very fascinating, it has a plumage very white as snow and look like an artistry painting.

3. Mute Swan.

It's very metaphoric in the case of its transition from an ugly duckling to a very beautiful swan.

When they are small (chicks) they have darker down feathers which is in contrary to the bright white feathers of the adults, however the swan chicks are beautiful though but this mute swan is extra ordinary and well emblematic of its kind. They strike us with their beauty and clearly deserves a spot on the list.

2. White Bengal Tiger.

Undisputably the most popular and famous animals in the world is this Bengal Cat, they often portray Strength and Grandeur.

Their appearance is regal, if you chanced one its appearance will be jaw dropping it's not a big surprise that this tiger was used to play characters in many Greek, Chinese and Persian mythologies.

Their look is mesmerizing.

1. Scarlet Macaw.

One of the most exotic animals on earth. They live in the rainforest of South America. They belong to Psittacidae in the bird family, a true type of parrot (among the three types of true parrots).

They have bright colors in their plumage (feathers) crimson red, bright yellow, orange, green grass and royal blue.

They are often taken as pets but they usually need extra care.

Beauty is a subjective and dynamic term, If there's one particular animal you believe to have caught your eye and you think it has been ommited from this list, leave a comment below to help us to account well in our next articles.

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