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Watch Think Twice Before Getting The Whole Senerio(Pictures).

The are some things we may not understand by just skimming . In this article the reader have to scam through the picture , take a close look at it again, before getting the whole show.

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Let keep the ball rolling.

1. Missing Head.

In this picture you will see a man with a full body and a missing Head but when you take a close look at the picture you will see that the man is holding a mirror thus his head is missing.

2.Camel on Camel

Also In this picture taking a first glance you will be assuming that one camel is sitting whiles the other one is standing on it but taking a close glance you will see that one camel is sitting and the other one is walking on the dessert.

Huge big bird.

Is the bird really big?

It is just a normal bird on a tall wall . The distance between the bird and the walking man is very wide thus you will assume the bird is big.

What do you see in this picture ? Type your answers by commenting.

3. Three legs

This picture is a lady with 2 legs holding.

What do you think may be the cause of the other leg?

Missing head

Where do you think his head is gone?

It is just below the buttocks of the lady or do you think am lieing?

Type your answers let's see who is right.

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