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“Let's learn from the whites, and stop killing snakes” – How Ghanaians 'Roasted' A Snake Killer

A Ghanaian by the name of Frederick Akufo has received the severest roasting of his life on Facebook after he posted a picture of a snake he killed around his house.

The picture, which was posted onto the Home Gardening Group Page on Facebook, opened the flood gates for conservation enthusiasts to lambast him for killing the reptile.

One member by the name Gentleman - Cars expressed his utmost disgust at the occurrence. 

“A black mamba bit and killed Calvin Coastners pet cat in his own living room, he bravely caught the snake drove 5 miles to release it into the wild. You killed an innocent snake that feeds on only harmful rodents and you want us to clap for you. Nonsense,” he wrote.

Another user, Gideon Nyameye Quaye asked that Ghanaians must change their attitudes towards snakes and help conserve them.

“When we were young we were told anytime we see a snake we must kill it and this mentality has grown in us hence we are destroying them anyhow anytime we encounter them. Let’s learn from the whites small how they treat some of these creatures. God keep Blessing them because they have time for these vulnerable creatures. We can learn to do the same,” he also wrote.

But there were some users who disagreed. They ‘funnily’ downplayed the request for them to join in protecting the creatures. For example, one Kwasi Meni asked Gideon Nyameye Quaye Africa to start, and they will follow suit later by learning from him.

Another person contributing to the discussion wrote “Gideon Nyameye Quaye you can’t compare Africa to Europe. Europe snakes don't bite rough, rough even when they bite, the moment you make a call their system is such that, first aid for treatment will be available. No need to even going to the hospital and even compensation to you for being bitten by a snake. Come to Africa, the snakes here will bite you as soon as they see you and if you play with it small you will die even if you go to the hospital. Sometimes witches turn into snakes here only to come and bite you. Please don't play with Africa snakes oo”.

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