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Did you know the snake lizard is actually called skink

The skink, called by certain people as the snake lizard are lizards that belong to a family in the infraorder scincomorpha.

Over 1,500 species have been described to have come from the lizard family. According to scientists and researchers, the average life span of a skink can live for about estimated 2-3 years.

Skinks are not dangerous and are generally a low-risk pet. They are not poisonous to human. Certain people do complain they are being bitten by skinks, but mind you that is not harmful since they are not poisonous. They might be poisonous to eat though.

As a result, skinks could be eliminated in our environment and homes by; turning of lights since they are familiar to the dark, set up traps, Do a thorough cleaning of your surroundings or homes.

These are some facts about skinks, called by certain people as the snake lizards.Well this is not their fault since I myself got to realize this not long ago.

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