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Why Agbogboloshie is ranked the most toxic place on planet Earth.

Agbogbloshie is exceptionally popular in Ghana for its market. However, it has attained world recognition since when a world ranking of the most toxic places on earth surfaced on the internet, where Agogbloshie was ranked at number 1.Why? and what has contributed to this?

Well,Agbogbloshie is the second largest e-waste processing area in West Africa.E-waste, or electronic waste, contains toxic chemicals that are emitted into the ground, water and atmosphere when the electronics are broken down, burned and processed.

E-waste such as discarded electronics (refrigerators, microwaves, and televisions,computers) lay around in this waste dump. Every year, Ghana imports around 215,000 tons of secondhand electronic products primarily from Western Europe and generates another 129,000 tons of e-waste annually.

A tested soil sample from the dump site revealed that the lead levels in the area is as high as 18125 ppm. In America, the Environmental Protection Agency standard for lead in soil is 400ppm.

It is very harmful to live close to such areas as the toxic chemicals released can cause sicknesses(such as lead poisoning,cancer and respiratory problems) and death.

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