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"Tackle Dumsor With Solar Energy". A German Energy Expert Tells Akufo_Addo.

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Today's article is about A German expect who has suggested to the government of Ghana to resort to other means of energy supply. Needless to say, Ghana is heavily dependent on only one source of energy_the 'Akosombo' dam.

Over the past years until now, Ghana has been experiencing frequent power outages which affects productivity in the country.

We wonder if a time will come when Ghana would be able to harness energy from the sun_solar energy.

A German Renewable Energy Expert, Michele has noticed this. He's come out to make an incredible idea to every Ghanaian individual. Presently we should dive into the subtleties. 

"The public authority of Ghana should willingly volunteer to enable people and organizations to veer into sun based energy for their everyday exercises to lessen the tension on the public lattice. 

Request will be rising and there will be the requirement for greater limit," he said while adding to a conversation on how the public authority can resolve the issues of discontinuous force supply to certain pieces of the country. 

Set up the structure to engage people or organizations to introduce the force framework and to incorporate into the current lattice to support establishments to ease the tension on the public network. 

The system for combination of decentralized fuel sources isn't there yet. So now complete improvement is relied upon to come from one focal source which is ECG. They are dealing with enormous issues since first, you need to keep up what is there, also, the interest is rising a great deal. 

So it is extremely difficult for these foundations to circle back to this interest. Thus, one method of empowering greater improvement in the field will be to make the system for empowering decentralized more modest creations to be coordinated into the power framework. 

To put it basic, decentralize creation framework. So every home could have sun oriented boards. One of the issues currently is you can't coordinate these little creation locales into the utility lattice. The difficult we have with inexhaustible is the high unpredictability. The sun is there and is gone yet your interest is there continually. So you should store energy. Capacity obviously is costly yet in the event that you can depend on the network for quite a while to sun powered energy and afterward take it on a later time from the matrix. This will make the entire issue a lot simpler to deal with." He said. 

Primary concern 

It's no time like the present our leaders woke up from their sleep and help raise the country in all regards. 

Most likely, if measures are set up, this can be accomplished. We additionally need to react desperately to our difficulties and ought not anticipate that someone should instruct us or propose what they figure we ought to do. 

I accept if our benevolent leaders set out on this undertaking, this will open another section of life for all the Ghanaian people.

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