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She breasts feeds snakes and the mentality behind it is mind blowing.end time indeed

A woman caught in a town called bizzar and within that twonis a small town call chinnama, a small village with not less than 50,000 fifty thousand residents.

on Saturday a young girl around the age of 8 spotted the woman breast feeding a snake and saying words to it.

According the villagers there has been frequent attack from snakes in the area to the extent that the chief involved the chief priests to find out the cause and what they can do to solve the problem.

the chief of the town has now decided to solve the issue with the village elders, but her reasons for such is still unknown to the chief and his elders since she has refused to speak.

Currently what is going on this days indicates that the world is coming to an end and everyone is supposed to be careful and mindful of everything. How on earth could a normal person breast feed a snake

Please kindly drop your opinion and let us know what you think. IS WORLD REALLY COMING TO AND END ANYTIME SOON??

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