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Check Out Animal That Has Sex For 14 Hours And Dies Immediately

Imagine if you only have one shot at passing on your genes or having sex before you died. It may sound impossible but this actually happens more often in the natural world than you might expect. This is known as “Suicidal reproduction.” Suicidal reproduction is where one or both sexes of a species die after a single episode of mating. Interestingly, this occurs in plants and some invertebrates including insects and spiders.

So what about mammals? Surprisingly, there is one kind of mammal that also undergoes suicidal reproduction. Here only the male dies after having sex. They die before their first birthday. In this article, I bring you interesting facts about this animal which will leave you in awe.

Antechinus is a genus of small mouselike marsupials found in the arid regions of Northwestern Australia. They resemble mice with the bristly fur of shrews. These animals live fast and die young, or, at least, the males do. They take only 6 months to grow to full maturity. Male Antechinus, are semelparous, meaning that shortly after they have sex, they drop dead.

As a human does when stressed, an Antechinus produces the hormone cortisol (a primary stress hormone) which is useful in small amounts but poisonous in large amounts. Antechinus males have a lot of testosterone coursing through them when trying to get the females for mating. These animals enter a one- to three-week period where they spend all their time mating. Males fight over females and promiscuous mating ensues. Shockingly, a single mating can last 14 hours. Imagine if a man can last in bed this long. During this time, the testosterone keeps cortisol gushing in the male when it should shut off. As the cortisol hits toxic levels, male’s immune and other systems fail, it dies immediately after mating with the female.

Now there is no doubt that, for male Antechinus, sex is suicide. You could call it a parental sacrifice. Antechinus males die knowing they would spread their sperm far and wide.

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