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Looming Bloody Fight in Kwahu Afraim Plains

A bloody fight between farmers and nomadic Fulani herdsmen in the Kwahu Afram Plains is imminent as tension continues to build between the two groups.

The farmers are warning of confusion - nasty confrontation, if the authorities do not act firmly to stop the destruction of their farms by the herdsmen and their cattle.

The spokesperson of the farmers, Fredrick Naale, says they cannot allow the herders and their animals to ravage their investment.

This was at a press conference they held at Maame-Krobo in the Kwahu Afram Plains District.

The farmers were all clad in red, symbolizing how serious they are and their readiness for the worst.

Fredrick Naale said their patience was running thin, adding that they had had enough of the herdsmen and their cattle.

The farmers cannot understand why the cattle owners and the herders are refusing to use fodder banks which have been created for them and prefer their cattle to graze free range.

Fredrick Naale said fodder banks had been created at Wawase, Ekye Amanfrom and Donkorkrom but for unexplained reasons the cattle owners had refused to send their animals there.

There is no love lost between the farmers and the nomadic herdsmen.

Conflict between the two groups keeps recurring and it is always triggered by the herders sending their animals to food crop farms to graze and the destruction of water sources.

Fredrick Naale called for the government to send in security personnel to avert bloody clashes.

Akyamfour Asiedu Agyemang II, the chief of Abetifi, talked the farmers out of taking things into their own hands.

He asked that they remain calm and pledged to take the matter up with the District Chief Executive (DCE).

Akyamfour Asiedu Agyemang said no chief in the area had leased any parcel of land to the herdsmen.    

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