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Man Losses His Finger After Trying To Play With A Lion In Cage

These days some people prefer to keep wild animals as their pets instead of domestic animals. Some of these animals are trained in such a way that they obey the instruction of the owner, however, they sometimes ignore the voice of the owner and harm people. The young man in your picture has been recorded on camera playing with a lion but it ended in tears.

One cannot tell whether he is the owner of the lion or not but some people were watching and recording him on camera while he play with it. The lion has been caged in a metallic house, however, the man was seen putting his fingers into the cage and trying to command the lion to stay calm.

The other people were staying afar looking at how the man was playing with the lion. All of a sudden, the lion grabbed the finger of the man and started eating it. The man was seen screaming for help but the people were standing by, showing unconcern and recording him on camera. The man was seen trying to get his hand out of the cage but it was too late. He struggled with the lion to set himself free but he lost his finger.

Some social media users after watching the video said that this is sad. Others were just laughing at him as they were wondering what he was thinking when he puts his hands into the lion's cage.

You can also watch the video through the link below:


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