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The biggest tree In Ghana And Biggest Tree In West Africa

'The Big Tree' is Ghana's and West Africa's largest tree. Ghana is a wonderful country in West Africa with many tourism attractions. The country is home to some of the most prominent West African tourist attractions, including the world's tallest waterfalls, one of the highest mountains, and the world's largest man-made lake. Ghana is one of Africa's most visited countries.

'The large tree,' says the narrator. With a diameter of 3.22 meters at 1.37 meters, 2.72 meters at 3.1 meters, a circumference of 12 meters, and a height of 66.5-90 meters, it is thought to be the largest in West Africa. It measures 10.11 meters at 1.4 meters and 8.63 meters at 3.1 meters in circumference. It is the largest tree ever discovered in West Africa, according to Ghana's forestry authority. The tree may be found in Akyem Aprokumasi, in the Eastern Region's Birim South District. Following its discovery, the tree is transformed into a tourist attraction.

Many residents are perplexed by the tree's size and height. They are perplexed by it, believing it to be endowed with supernatural abilities. They come to the tree daily, bringing sacrifice gifts. Many people have dug holes around the roots and left sacrifices with prayers for good luck.

Management intervention is used to conserve the few remaining species. This is owing to the strong demand for that one-of-a-kind tree species, which is known for its toughness and odd cylindrical shape. The tree also has a low natural regeneration success rate, which has increased the chances of it becoming extinct.

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