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Top 10 most dangerous insects and bugs in the world. Check them out and be careful of them [photos].

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Insects we know are social organisms which sometimes are of great benefits to us. Some insects tend to be pollination agents, honey bees also produce honey for human consumption and others.

I'm this article, we are going to take a look at the most dangerous one which we should be careful of.

10. Bullet ants.

The name says it all. The degree of pain you go through when you get bitten by this insect is equivalent to the pain you go through when you get shot by a bullet.

9.Giant hornets.

They normally attack farm workers. They inject their venom into the blood cells resulting in the death of the blood cells and kidney failure. They can also kill too.


They cause discomfort by creating irritating pay patches on the skin.

7. Kissing bug.

They deposit their faeces when they bite and they bite around the mouth since they are attracted by the carbon dioxide we release.

6.Brown recuse.

It is a deadly spider capable of melting human flesh. They cause swelling of the body alongside nausea and joint pains.


They cause uncontrolled sleeping in victims.

4.Bot flies 

They lay eggs on the skin which later hatches into larva. The larva then pierces the skin and feeds leaving itching patches on the skin.

3.Killer bees.

They are produced when African and European honey bees are crossed. They sting to death when being disturbed.

2. Mosquito.

They cause Malaria which kills within few hours.

Before we get to the number let take a look at this bug.

Water bug.

Their bite is really painful. They are found within water bodies .

1. House centipedes.

They use their numerous legs to grab preys. They also cause swellings and great discomfort with their bites to humans.

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