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Lake Bosumtwi The Only Natural Lake West Africa Ghana

Lake Bosumtwi often spelled Bosomtwe, is a lake in the Ashanti Region caused by an ancient meteorite strike. It was discovered by a hunter hunting an antelope that vanished into the lake as if it was trying to save the animal, hence the moniker Antelope God. The Ashanti people who live in the area see the lake as a sacred site. Kumasi is roughly a half-hour drive from the lake. The beach is littered with communities, and the area's population is estimated to be over 70,000 people.

From Kumasi, there is a paved road that leads to the lake. It rises in elevation over the rim around the lake and then descends into the lake, ending at Abono, the first village. A minor fee is collected at a roadblock on the rim of the hills around the lake, which serves to support the local communities by attracting visitors who come to enjoy the views and activities. On the lake, you may go on boat excursions, swim, and trek around. The numerous settlements surrounding the lake are quite inviting and trekking along the lake's edge is quite enjoyable. Hikes up into the hills and to sacred locations near villages are also available.

Because it is considered taboo to use a regular dugout canoe or to touch the lake surface with metal or iron (i.e. modern boats, though there are a few that traverse the lake), the fisherman in the lake uses a very different type of boat: a large plank of wood that they sit on top of and propel themselves with their hands, or plates in their hands.

Because the lake level continues to rise, the villages have had to continue relocating up the hillside. You'll notice that the settlements frequently have a number after their names, indicating how many different versions of the village have existed. Tree trunks will also emerge from the water as a result of this.

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