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4 Exceptional Ways to Put Human Waste to Use in an Environmentally-Friendly Way.

Recycling of human waste, which refers to feces and urine, has many benefits. According to research, on a yearly basis, a human produces fifty liters of feces and five hundred liters of urine. Instead of disposing this in the landfills or treating it and releasing it in the environment, human waste can be exploited in several ways.

And as much as dealing with human waste may expose one to diseases and unpleasant smell, efforts can be made to ensure the process is human-friendly. In other words, the process of handling human waste can be made human-friendly and used for the betterment of the environment as outlined in this article. Let’s go deeper into this.

1. Production of biogas

Methane gas which is produced by human waste can be tapped and used to produce biogas. Biogas could be used to generate electricity, cook food, and heat water for domestic or industrial use.

This is through a process that involves the collection of methane in an enclosed container free from oxygen. High temperatures are favorable in the decomposition of organic matter. Biogas, when burnt in the presence of oxygen, it reacts to produce energy.

2. Fertilizer

Human waste can be utilized as a fertilizer to increase the production of food. The waste is however recommended to be treated at least once before its application on the farm. Treatment is applied to the collection of feces, urine, and water from households that is digested by bacteria to reduce the number of pathogens and make the sludge less biologically active hence stinks less.

3. Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel can be deduced from human waste through the same process as one of passing a current through water. It proves to be more efficient with less energy required in the process. Water is distilled from human waste solids then the waste is left in air-sealed tanks for microbial action to take place. This results in the formation of methane and carbon dioxide. Methane formed in this process is cheaper as compared to relying on natural gas. Methane and carbon go through a tri-generation process that produces hydrogen fuel, heat, and electricity. With the abundance of human waste, a consistent supply of hydrogen fuel can be achieved. Hydrogen fuel can be utilized in the running of rockets and the production of electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

4. Brick-making

Who knew that human waste could be used in the making of bricks? Incinerated sewage sludge ash is combined with vegetable oil in the making of bricks. These bricks are carbon-negative as the oil used is derived from plants, which have sucked carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The bricks are lighter and stronger which means wide usage of such bricks would revolutionize the construction industry not mentioning improvements could be made to them to make them better over time. Making these bricks could serve as a source of revenue for many.

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