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JUST IN : Tigers at Cheddar’s house are not Threats - Officials of Wildlife Division.

Multi millionaire Freedom Jacob Cesar has been on the trends following the habitation of two tigers at his resident. The news broke out after some residents in the estate raised concerning alarms about the animals and how they are scared for their lives. The police quickly responded to the issue and assured the residents they are going to take control of the situation. A team from the Wildlife Division of the forestry commission has been to his residence to inspect the place and the animals.

According to the Officials of the Wildlife Division, the animals are well protected and caged well, and they are not a threat to the people living in the community. According to one trainer of the animals, the animals have been caged in a proper structure which makes it impossible for the tigers to go out, he stated that there are three different security lock system in place before you get to where the animals are.

According to authorities, they will have to build a new environment for the animals if there is a need to relocate them, but after they inspected the security system guarding the animals it’s safe.

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