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Why The Sea Found Between Israel And Jordan is Known As The "Dead Sea"

Some people who love adventures must have heard of the popular sea known as "The Dead Sea" which is located between Israel and Jordan.

However, many people don't realise why this name was given to the sea, so the reason of bringing up this article is to educate ourselves and reveal the reason why it was given this weird name.

The dead sea has a depth of 997 feet and a density of 1.24 kg/ in litres, and it is well recognised as the deepest sea on earth, the amazing part is that most people who swim in the sea feel like they're floating.

The sea is 9.6 times more salty than other known oceans, which makes it the world's saltiest sea. Tourists from the whole world are always keen to experience the wonders of the dead sea.

Meanwhile, the sea was named as the Dead Sea because aquatic animals, plants and organisms, such as fish and sea animals, cannot have their habitat in it.

So it is alkaline in nature, the conditions for living things become too unbearable in the dead sea and that's why the people of the past have given it this weird name.

Can you swim in this type of sea? Let's hear your opinion

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