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Saudi Arabia intends to plant 50 BILLION trees, reducing carbon emissions by 60%.

Officials in Saudi Arabia have unveiled a major project to preserve the Middle East from climate change. Saudi Arabia, which has some of the world's largest, driest, and hottest shifting-sand deserts, is especially positioned to suffer from rising global temperatures, as do its Gulf neighbors.

The Green Saudi and Green Middle East initiatives aim to take the title of the world's largest tree-planting effort, with 50 billion trees planted across Arab states, as well as efforts at home to more than double the size of the Kingdom's protected areas and create a massive push for green energy that would reduce global carbon emissions by 8% and domestic emissions by 60%. Recognizing that their wealth is derived from fossil fuels, the initiatives aim to generate 50 percent green energy by the end of the decade.

"As a significant global oil producer, we are fully conscious of our duty in furthering the battle against the climate catastrophe," Saudi officials stated. "Just as we played a leading role in stabilizing energy markets throughout the oil and gas age, we will endeavor to lead in the future green era."

Domestically, Saudi Arabia has been plagued by desertification and crippling dust storms accompanied by insufficient rainfall. Draping their towns in greenery and employing artificial weather production to enhance rainfall will be combined with attempts to reintroduce iconic Arabian animals and expand current protected desert and marine habitats to cover 30 percent of the country's sovereign territory.

Saudi Arabia intends to assist nations around the Middle East in implementing more modern and efficient hydrocarbon technology that will reduce emissions. More information about the program's particular tactics and strategies will be released next year. Officials said, "This is just the beginning." "The Kingdom, the region, and the globe as a whole must act at a faster pace in the battle against climate change."

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