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Do You Know You Can't Drown In The Dead Sea Even If You Want To? Here's Why

Ask people what they know about the Dead Sea and most will tell you that it’s impossible to sink when you’re swimming in it.

But not everyone knows why.

here is dead sea? It lies in the border of Israel and Jordan and is the lowest place on Earth.

The Dead Sea is a hypersaline lake. These means it is super salty. Due to its unusually high salt content, the water of the Dead Sea is high in density. And anything less dense than the Dead Sea water floats on top.

This is why most people float easily atop the Dead Sea because their bodily fluids are all less dense than the water. But if you found a rock or any other object that was denser than the saline water, it would sink.

The salt and minerals present in the sea increase the density of the sea water. Thus it is easier to swim in sea water than in fresh water. The Dead Sea has the highest salt content thus enabling even a small portion of the body submerged inside the water to balance the weight preventing the person from sinking.

Saltwater gives more buoyancy than freshwater because of the higher density of saltwater. Buoyancy makes it easy for the body to stay high in water, thus all other factors being kept equal, one can swim faster in salt water than in freshwater.

Can you swim in dead sea for any amount of money what do you think about dead sea?

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