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Meet the mystery sheep spotted on the market ahead of Eid Adha celebration.

In all things in nature, there is something very marvelous. Everyone who look deep into nature, will understand, that everything is strange and mysterious. Also; those who contemplate the beauty of the earth, always find out that, the wonders of nature are endless.

Have you ever seen a ram (male sheep) with 5 horns before? Well, neither had we until now.

The latest news circulating in the social media have it, that strange sheep specie has been spotted on a market in Lagos-Nigeria, and is getting thousands of attentions. Just a sight of the mysterious five-horned ram, have caused thousands of by passers to get closer, and to have a vivid look at it.

Video of the strange sheep was seen with some residents taking photographs of it, and others having a feel of its horns; whiles the ram stood still, focusing on the food it was feeding on. 

According to the residents, the ram was discovered by a potential buyer; who approached a stand to purchase a sheep, which has been on display for sale.

The ram, which appears white, looked no different from the flock, except for its three extra horns sticking out of its ear area.

Some believers have attributed the appearance of the strange sheep at this time, to blessings ahead of the Eid Adha celebration, which is symbolized with a ram, in remembrance of the sacrificial lamb whose blood paid the sins of humanity.

The video has since gone viral on social media, and leaving many people greatly astonished and amazed. 

I have seen a turtle with two heads; what about you…have you ever seen any strange or mysterious animal in your life?

Please share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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