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Here are Two Animals That Their Females are Stronger Than The Males

Here are two mammals species who rule the roost!


Two of the lemur species are female-led. Women also preserve peace within the colony and lead interventions with other colonies, both ring-tailed and black-and-white ruffled lemurs. In a one-on-one fight with males, adult females, who are close in size to males, would reliably prevail.

As they have mild testosterone, Lemur girls act more like boys. There are very dominant females. In addition to being the first to fight when they perceive a threat, females are dominant and get the first choice of food. Many women get a way of their own over men. They're not bigger than men, but they're always going to bite men, grab food from their mouths, whack them in the head, and shove them to claim it from a cozy sleeping spot.

Females identify their regions with distinctive scents just as often as males do. Males usually wait until before they have their share the females have had their fill of a meal.

They really rule the roost!


The matriarch of the entire herd is the oldest and sometimes largest female and rules the roost. In general, a family consists of a mother, her sisters, daughters, and babies (calves). Non-related elephants occasionally come together to form families. Family units for females range from 3 to around 25 elephants. The understanding of migration routes and watering holes by the matriarch is invaluable and she passes this wisdom on to the next generation. The oldest daughter will take her place when the matriarch dies. If a herd gets too big, at the instigation of the matriarch, females may split off to form a new herd. When resources in the herd's area become limited, this may occur.

Male elephant

Males are bigger than females and both sexes continue to develop throughout their whole lives. When they leave the herd and live alone or join other bulls, males remain with the family until they reach 12 to 15 years of age. "Bull elephants are referred to as "bachelors". Usually, the male elephants are not too far away, keeping an eye on their girls.

Male and female elephants start a mating ritual

A male elephant will rejoin a herd briefly during the mating season, but after about a two-week period, he will strike out on his own. It's not all about violence that leadership is. African elephants live between the ages of 50-70 and matriarchs live for several centuries.

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