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If You Don't Want Snake To Enter Your Toilet, Do These 5 Things Every Week

Snakes getting into toilets and water closets have been a hot topic on social media for days. It's hard to believe that it could ever happen, but it's not impossible.

The reality is that snakes can get into your toilet or bathroom, regardless of how careful you are. Some of the methods in which snakes can get into the water closet and toilet will be discussed, as well as strategies to keep snakes out of the water closet and toilet.

An air force base in Abuja, Nigeria, was the scene of an incident where an airwoman was bitten by a snake in her bathroom and died, with many asking how a snake could get up to the WC.

If you have a septic tank or sewer outside, a snake can easily get into your bathroom through a broken line that leads to the outside. They only need a small opening to gain access to your WC.

Snakes can enter your home through ventilation pipes that have been neglected or broken due to carelessness or neglect, especially if there are trees in the vicinity. Snakes can climb to the roof of your home and enter through any available hole.

There are many things you can do to keep snakes from getting into your water closet (WC).

When pipe bursts or leaks, call a professional plumber immediately. Reptiles, particularly snakes, can enter your bathroom through one of these entry points. All broken pipes should be checked and repaired regularly. Repair thick pipes first since rats can chew through thinner ones.

As noted before, snakes can travel to the roof and then through these exposed vents straight into your sewer if trees are close enough to the vents.

For the most part, these harmful reptiles may be controlled and eliminated by periodically fumigating your sewage system.

You can perform this disinfection every six months, for example. Salt and kerosene are also said to work wonders when used together.

Clear the bushes surrounding your home to keep it neat. To prevent snakes from lurking in the bushes, clear the area surrounding your home of any brush.

To prevent further movement of the reptile through the pipes, you can also use a flat tile to cover your bathroom filter when you're not in the bathroom. This will ensure that all pipes are properly fixed and closed.

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