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He Caught Dangerous Fish Worth $2.6 Million, He Took It To The Village, Then The Unexpected Happened

Ignorance is a disease, the outcome of which can sometimes be very regrettable and very painful. It is an inevitable reality that in certain circumstances can make us miss out on immense happiness. A young Nigerian man has done a revealing act of ignorance and regret.

An unusual and astonishing event took place in Nigeria. A young man catches a blue marlin with an estimated monetary value of around 2.6 million US dollars and eats it with the inhabitants of his village.

So, probably not knowing that this huge blue marlin could bring him a whole fortune, the man would have eaten it with all the inhabitants of the village. It was only after he ate the fish and posted the pictures on social media that he was told of the fortune he could have made by selling this giant fish.

Indeed, according to a publication that has been online recently, a young man captured a huge blue marlin in Warri, in Delta State, Nigeria, the monetary value of which is estimated at a sum of $2.6 million.

According to a local media site, the young man in question would be totally shocked and frustrated after learning the great error he just committed. The blue marlin fish is one of the rarest and most valuable warm-water species. It is valued at US $30,000 per kilogram in the international market due to its high value and scarcity.

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