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Meet the strange looking fish that poops sand

Have you ever wondered where the beach sand comes from? Sand, of course, comes from a variety of places; the weathering of rocks results in the development of sand. However, a fish species contributes to the production of sand on our beaches.

The sea is home to a variety of fascinating creatures, many of which we as humans have yet to discover. And as time goes on, we continue to learn more about how amazing God created the sea and everything in it, as well as how fishes play a role in the creation of things like beach sand, which we rarely consider when we go for a walk on the beach. Yes, the beach sand, particularly the white beach sand that you enjoy strolling on every time you visit the beach, was generated by a marine fish that pooped them. Yes, you read that correctly, a fish create the white beach sand by pooping them

Meet The Giant bumphead parrotfish, commonly known as the Green humphead parrotfish, and it is a sand-pooping fish. This fish belongs to the parrotfish species. They can live for 40 years and can reach a length of 4 feet.

According to science, this fish uses its parrot-like beaks to bite and scrape algae off of rocks and dead corals, grind up the inedible calcium-carbonate reef material, and then excretes or poops it as sand, producing hundreds of pounds of white sand each year.

They can be found in the Indian and Pacific oceans and are responsible for Hawaii's beautiful white sand beaches.

Other names for it include buffalo parrotfish, giant fish, and so forth.

Nature is always fascinating to contemplate, so the next time you're lying on the beach or playing in the sand, keep in mind that you can be playing with the poop of a Green humphead parrotfish, but would you ever consider eating this type of fish?

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