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Checkout what Sakawa boy found on his car when he stepped out to buy something. (Exclusive)

Sakawa is a term that is used for people who have gained riches and wealth not in the right way. Everyone want to be rich but not all want to work hard to achieve that riches. In Africa, many people especially the youth resort to money ritual to gain wealth.

A young man stepped out of his car to buy something from a vendor and upon his return, found a forest Cobra resting on his car. Take a look at the picture as the snake was resting aggressively on his car.

Snakes are the most modern of reptiles, first appearing in the fossil record during the time of the dinosaurs. It is thought that they evolved from ground dwelling or burrowing lizards that exploited the survival advantages to be found in a cylindrical, legless body. They gave up external ears and developed clear scales to shield their ever open eyes from dust and damage. They evolved elongated internal organs, specialized muscles and resilient, scaled skins of varied pattern and color that provided camouflage and some limited protection from predators and the elements.

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Africa Cobra Sakawa


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