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Strange creature captured by fishermen in the sea

When it comes to creation, God is very great and wondrous. He is extraordinary and unbelievable. The kinds of things he's made are things you wouldn't believe exist. He has created seemingly impossible things that some people do not believe exist but do.

Each of his creations too has a significance. There are some things he created that you will not understand their significance or importance but they are extremely important, and such animals are mosquitoes.

They are insects that are very important ecologically or to the ecosystem because they serve as pollinators as well as a food source for other wildlife. It is commonly assumed that mosquitoes serve no purpose other than to annoy humans, but this is not the case.

However, there are some strange creatures that I'm sure you've never seen before. Below is the picture of a strange creature captured by fishermen in the sea:

As these fishermen were desperately looking for fishes which they had none since their search, they came across this strange creature. No one will tell you to capture it if it were to be you, they rushed and got hold of it, it seemed fearful and defendless.

They pushed it to the shore and examined it carefully before taking it away.

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