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Kangaroo breaks into home, hops on trampoline, goes viral

Melbourne, Australia - The video of the marsupial hopping around on a backyard trampoline was captured last week when a kangaroo made an unexpected appearance in a suburban Sydney home, and it has since gone viral online.

Karen, the homeowner, a 46-year-old woman, claimed that while she was working from home, weird noises could be heard coming from the outside. A kangaroo could be seen running across her lawn as she peered out of her window. Because kangaroos can be fairly violent, Karen admitted to reporters that she initially felt a little frightened. But when I watched it jump onto the trampoline that my children were using, I couldn't help but chuckle.

The video that resulted from Karen swiftly grabbing her phone and starting to record has since received millions of views on social media. In the clip, the kangaroo can be seen jumping higher and higher on the trampoline, seemingly having a blast.Experts say kangaroos are known to be curious animals, and may have been attracted to the trampoline because of the bouncing sensation it provides.

"It's not uncommon for kangaroos to explore new areas and check out anything that looks interesting," said Dr. Sarah Wilson, a wildlife biologist at the University of Sydney. "Trampolines might be particularly appealing to them, because they mimic the sensation of bouncing that kangaroos naturally do."

While the video has brought smiles to many people's faces, some wildlife advocates are concerned about the possible impact of the kangaroo's newfound fame.

"Kangaroos are wild animals, and they should be respected as such," said David Forster, a spokesperson for the Australian Wildlife Conservancy. "We don't want people to think they can approach them or interact with them in unsafe ways, just because they've seen a cute video online."

For her part, Karen says she has no plans to try to replicate the viral moment. "I think it was just a one-time thing," she said. "But it was certainly a memorable one." The kangaroo has not been seen on Karen's property since the incident, but she says she'll keep an eye out for any future visits.

"I'm just glad it didn't do any damage to my trampoline!" she joked.

The video has inspired a ton of memes and parodies online, with users making their own versions that feature other animals jumping on trampolines. It's a fun event that has given the globe a little happiness after it has been so difficult to deal with the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

"We all need a little bit of silly fun in our lives right now," said one social media user who shared the video. "And this kangaroo certainly delivers." As for the kangaroo itself, experts say there's no way to know for sure if it's aware of its newfound celebrity status.

"Animals don't really have the same concept of fame that humans do," Dr. Wilson said. "But it's possible that this kangaroo might have a few more admirers than it did before."

In any case, the video serves as a reminder of the unique wildlife that can be found in Australia, and the need to respect and protect these creatures as best we can.

"The fact that a kangaroo can just show up in someone's backyard and start bouncing on a trampoline is pretty amazing," Karen said. "It just goes to show how incredible the natural world can be."

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