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World’s Most Dangerous Deadliest Peoples – The Mursi Tribes In Africa

The Mursi Tribe are found in the far southwest corner of Ethiopia, only north of the Kenyan line in the valley of the River Omo. Here in the far off Omo Valley scientistss have found the absolute most established human remaining parts on the planet and the people who live there today actually follow numerous old practices.

World's Most Dangerous People - Mursi Tribes In Africa | Reckon Talk. One of the most dangerous, unusual & aggressive tribe in the world is tribe Mursi living in a hard region of Ethiopia. "It's better to die than live without killing" is the motto of Mursi men who in fact are all warriors.

The Mursi clan are an African clan from the disconnected Omo valley in Southern Ethiopia close to the boundary with Sudan. There are an expected 10,000 individuals from this wonderful, stationary clan, whose lip plated face plate improvements are a wellspring of interminable interest. Long may they, and their magnificent culture, live on.

Mursi man all his life committed to graze cattle, fight on sticks dong and raids on their neighbors, taking cattle and ambushing. They were engaged in it, partly out of habit, partly for production and partly for the sake of courage.

These people still live according to their old traditions.Women of the Mursi tribe wear a disc made of clay or wood in their lower lip as a part of the body modification process to avoid people's evil eye.

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